Reading Fire 8/16/2012 update

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8:00 a.m. update

Reading Fire now at 25,242 acres and 25% contained.

Firefighting efforts continue to be focused on protecting structures and controlling the growth of the fire. By taking advantage of recent cooler temperatures and higher humidity, firefighters have used this opportunity to engage in a more direct attack, therefore keeping the fire perimeter smaller. Using hard-hitting firefighting strategies, we have established stronger containment lines and are seeing improved progress.

The purpose of burning operations is to provide a larger margin of safety to the local communities. The contingency lines are completed and firing operations will continue to be conducted when and where burning conditions favor successful outcomes. These burning operations are conducted both day and night as conditions allow, and will result in smoke appearing some distance from the wildfire edge. All preparation work for structure protection has been completed and is in place. Engines are assigned today to structure protection and perimeter protection in order to respond quickly to any threat.

The fire will continue to spread northwest over West Prospect Peak and north over Badger Mountain down Hat Creek drainage. The eastern flank will continue spreading east towards Snag and Fantastic Lava Beds. The southeastern flanks and heel should continue burning north of Summit Lake.

Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST) is a fire fighting philosophy of "do least damage." If a fire crew was fighting a fire in your back yard, you would want them to use MIST tactics. First, they would only suppress the fire in ways that would provide for your family's safety and their own. Then they would cut down only necessary trees, use water rather than chemicals when possible, communicate clearly with each other so they did not waste time or resources, use tools that were the right size rather than too big or too small, spend only the money they needed to spend, and restore the site as much as possible. Suppression of the Reading Fire is being done using MIST tactics.

What can you do to help in the firefighting efforts Prepare your home, stay aware of the situation, and help your friends and neighbors where you can.

The Lassen National Forest and Lassen Volcanic National Park are working together and providing a coordinated response to the fire. Smoke will continue to pose health concerns for the public. Residents are encouraged to visit the "Protect Yourself from Smoke" website for smoke protection information at http://www.cdc.gov/Features/Wildfires/.

Closures - Lassen Volcanic National Park

Trails: including the Pacific Crest Trail


  • Butte Lake
  • Crags
  • Lost Creek
  • Summit Lake North
  • Summit Lake South


The Lassen National Volcanic Park Highway is closed just past Manzanita Lake to Summit Lake. Park visitors can still access the Park at the north entrance to Manzanita Lake and the Loomis Museum and the south entrance in Mineral. Visitors have access to the Park Highway up as far as Summit Lake. Visitors are encouraged to call ahead for current information.

For additional information, please visit:

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