Remember When for the week of 8/15/2012

Keri Ttaborski
Feather Publishing Historian


75 YEARS AGO.......1937

Chief Winnemucca, the last chief of the Paiute Indian tribe along with California Governor Merriman, officially opened the $8,150,000 Feather River Highway to traffic Saturday morning at Grizzly Dome where some 1,000 motorists traveled the highway later that day.


50 YEARS AGO..........1962

Plans of establishing a Safeway store in Quincy were announced this week. The company is acquiring property on the north side of Main Street in Quincy now occupied by the old Log Cabin Theater and Mansell Motors. Frontage will extend from East Street to the edge of the lot on which the Old Odd Fellows Hall is located. (Note: currently where the Quincy post office is located, downtown Quincy.)

The Plumas County Board of Supervisors this week adopted a county dog ordinance, regulating that every dog in Plumas County must be licensed by its owner. License fees shall be $3.00 per dog, excepting an unspayed female dog which will cost $5.00.


25 YEARS AGO.........1987

Superior Court Judge Stanley C. Young, Jr. announced his retirement effective December 31, 1988. Young was appointed to the Plumas County bench in February 1969 by Governor Ronald Reagan when his predecessor Bertram D. Janes was appointed to the State Court of Appeals.


10 YEARS AGO.............2010

After more than three years of debate and public input, the Plumas County animal shelter will go out to bid with the expected construction price tag of $1.1 million to be built in Quincy.


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