Remember When for the week of 6/6/2012

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian

75 YEARS AGO......1937

The Beckwourth Memorial monument will be dedicated at Beckwourth Pass this Sunday by the Las Plumas Chapter of the Daughters of the Golden West of Portola. Beckwourth was an Indian scout who discovered the low pass through the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1851. He was employed by the city of Marysville to build a trail from Sierra Valley to Marysville by way of Mohawk, American Valley and Bucks Ranch. He owned a trading post in Sierra Valley, the building now used as a dairy house on the Guido Ramelli Ranch located two miles east of Beckwourth.


50 YEARS AGO........1962

Plumas County's Sweetheart of the Mountains will be chosen Saturday at the Plumas County picnic. Candidates this year include : Michelle Haynes and Michelle Medley, both of Chester; Dale Timone, Alberta Long, Kay Warren, Eleanor Fogleman and Rocky Bohne, all of Greenville; Sandra Guidici of Portola; Elfriede Walzberg, Vicki Wright, Nancy Batten. Glenda Metzdorf, Irene Brustad and Kathy McNutt, all of Quincy.


25 YEARS AGO...........1987

Plumas County high schools graduated a total of 226 seniors this week as follows : Chester High School--41, Greenville High School--39, Portola High School--53 and Quincy High School --93.

Tabled at the April meeting, the non-smoking issue at Seneca Hospital was again on the agenda this week as a recommendation from the medical staff to make Seneca Hospital a non-smoking hospital. The hospital currently has one non-smoking area, according to hospital board member Mike Condon.


10 YEARS AGO.........2002

A team of San Francisco Bay Area golfers, led by John Abendroth from the television show “Hooked on Golf”, won the Pro-Am at Plumas Pine golf course.

Plumas County Supervisors have united against a bill proposed by Senator Barbara Boxer that would create new wilderness areas in Plumas, Sierra, Tahoe and Lassen National forests.

Alleged killer Rain Dance Dickey-O’Brien will begin a four-week long trial in Plumas County Superior Court on October 29 after being deemed mentally competent to stand trial.



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