Ding, dong: It’s the bill collector

Alicia Knadler
Indian Valley Editor

Indian Valley residents who pay for water and wastewater have not paid their bills to the tune of about $50,000.

Some homes have even had the water shut off for up to three months, and still the bills are not being paid.

For May, about 30 percent of the bills had not been paid by the time June bills went out.

The percentage seems to fit with the income survey started about two years ago: 71 percent of Greenville residents are at or below poverty level.

Indian Valley Community Services District directors discussed this issue during the Monday, July 11, finance committee meeting and at their regular meeting Wednesday, July 13.

They talked about several ideas, including publishing a delinquent list, like the county does for those who don’t pay their property taxes on time.

Directors favored trying an incentive plan first, rather than taking punitive action.

“The bottom line is we want people to pay their bill,” director Jane Braxton Little said. “We don’t want to gouge them with late fees.”

Customers may expect to see a note about an amnesty period on their bills, a limited number of days when late fees would be waived.

While this could help those who are juggling and struggling to pay their bills, others have already gone through foreclosures.

Directors did not discuss the details about how they would recoup lost revenue in those instances.

For more information about this billing issue, call 284-7224.


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