Veterans Services office reorganized

Joshua Sebold
Staff Writer

The Plumas County Board of Supervisors formalized its reorganization of local veteran services, folding it into the Public Health Agency, at a Tuesday, Jan. 11, meeting.

Public Health Director Mimi Hall explained the action would add a veteran services administration division to her department.

The director said a revised job description would be forwarded to all the applicants seeking the veterans services officer (VSO) position, which would now be a “division director” in her department.

Hall said, “The workload is pretty light” in terms of the number of claims received by veteran services.

The director indicated she would be considering what other tasks the position should take on.

She explained the position would likely involve more outreach than in the past.

County Human Resources Director Gayla Trumbo said the new job description gave applicants a year to get properly accredited as a VSO.

Hall told the board the regional office promised her it would handle any claims that arrived while the new hire was in training.

Eastern Plumas Supervisor Terry Swofford asked Hall about her progress in forming a committee of veterans to assist in the hiring process.

Hall responded that she only had three respondents so far.

Swofford said he had one more he would forward to her.

Hall said group members would brainstorm about what they would like to see the department do in the future and use that feedback to help develop questions for applicants.

The director clarified that the county couldn’t give the vets direct authority to make the actual hiring decision.

She said there were about 20 applicants seeking the position at the moment.

Hall also indicated the veterans volunteer van program would come back under the department.

She said the program would still be volunteer-based but the department would provide more support than in recent times.

The director also told the board her staff would continue to do fiscal administrative work for veteran services in the immediate future.

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