Remember When for the week of 3/24/2010

Keri Taborski

Feather Publishing Historian


80 YEARS AGO... 1930

  Happy Birthday this month to 93 year old Quincy resident W.W. Kellogg, editor, lawyer and public-spirited pioneer and California State Senator and who cast his first presidential vote for Abraham Lincoln in 1861.

50 YEARS AGO... 1960

  The post office at Graeagle will be closed and all mail will be directed to the Blairsden post office.


30  YEARS AGO... 1980

   The presidency at Feather River College remains in limbo this week as the Peralta Community College board has been unable to find a candidate willing to accept that post due to the resignation of Lyndell Cheeves.

  On March 28 residents of Plumas County will receive their census forms in the mail for the 1980 census. The census, as required by the first amendment of the United States constitution must be taken every ten years. The first census was taken in 1790 by census takers going house to house in the wilderness.


10 YEARS AGO... 2000

  Superior Court Judge Alan Thieler has been assigned to hear the trial of Michael Franklin, who is allegedly accused of killing his wife during a snowmobile excursion at Bucks Lake in 1996. Jury selection will begin in April.


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