Quincy man bowls a perfect game

Tim Kelley bowls one more strike for a score of 300. Kelley bowled a perfect game March 6 at La Sierra Lanes. He is the 12th person to bowl a perfect game at the East Quincy bowling alley since it opened in 1976. Photo by James Wilson
James Wilson
Sports Editor

It doesn’t happen often. In fact, since La Sierra Lanes, East Quincy’s bowling alley, opened in 1976, it’s only happened a dozen times. Last Thursday, Tim Kelley became the 12th person to ever hit a perfect score of 300 at the East Quincy establishment.

“I really couldn’t tell you what I was thinking before I bowled that last strike,” said Kelley. “I just wanted to knock it down.”

Kelley has been teased by the prospect of a perfect game before. He previously bowled two games in which he scored 299, missing only the final strike. This last game, however, Kelley bowled the 12th strike for the perfect game.


Kelley’s perfect game came during league play while he was playing on his team, D & P Tree Service. The last person to bowl a perfect game at the alley, Steve Mason back in 2011, played for the same team.

Kelley started bowling in first grade at La Sierra Lanes. Kelley bowled through high school, but stopped to raise his children. Six years ago, all his children were out of the house and he picked up bowling in a league again. All that practice truly paid off last week.

The winter league that Kelley bowled on is just about finished for the season. A summer league will start up soon, and the bowling alley is looking for more people to sign up. Those interested in joining a league for the summer should contact Dick Dykes at 283-1633.




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