High school basketball results - More games Friday

Game recaps for Quincy, Greenville, Chester and Portola basketball
James Wilson
Sports Editor

Quincy’s Brady Rick flies past Portola’s Connor Kennedy, left, and Juan Rodriguez, right, during Quincy’s 77-66 win Jan. 28. Rick scored 24 points for Quincy. Photos by James Wilson


Both the Quincy and Portola high school basketball teams were on fire Jan. 28 in Quincy’s gym. The pace was fast and the action was tense, but in the end, Quincy came out on top over its rival.

The Trojans battled a back-and-forth game to pull ahead toward the end to win 77-66 against visiting Portola. This marked the second win this season for Quincy against its rival, as the Trojans previously beat Portola on Dec. 14, 2013.

Quincy got an early lead in the first few minutes, getting up 14-4. The Trojans maintained a 10-point lead to go into the second quarter 23-13. Toward the end of the half, Portola got on a roll and nearly caught up to trail 36-33 at halftime. 

Shortly into the third quarter the Tigers took the lead and for most of the rest of the game, both teams took turns ahead. In the fourth quarter, the Trojans pulled ahead to maintain the lead and win the game.

Quincy’s contributions spanned the roster. Brady Rick was the team’s high scorer with 24 points. Ty Morrison scored 20 points for Quincy off six three-pointers and two free throws. Erik Schwartz scored 10 points and had eight rebounds.

“This was a team victory,” commented Quincy’s coach, Mike Woodlee, on the Trojans’ wall. “Many players stepped up against our rival. We started strong, had some tough times in the middle and still prevailed in the end. No one player stood out tonight, it was a collective effort against a tough opponent.”

Portola had some real talent representing it as well. Connor Kennedy matched Rick’s points with 24 for the Tigers. Kennedy sank five three-pointers as well. Mike Martinez scored 18 points, and sophomore Evan Leal scored eight. Martinez also led his team in rebounds with nine.

“Same story as last week,” commented Portola’s coach, Tim Brubaker. “We play hard, but we haven’t figured out how to win close games.”

In other games around Plumas County last week, Quincy battled on the road against Williams while Portola hosted Colusa. Chester took on Hayfork and Liberty Christian, and Greenville faced Loyalton and American Christian.



The Trojans had it, then lost it in their game against Williams on Jan. 31. Quincy was up 35-22 at the half before losing momentum and letting Williams come back to win 67-59. The loss dropped Quincy’s record to 10-11 overall and 2-3 in league.

Morrison sank five three-pointers, a two-pointer and two free throws to lead the team with 19 points. Anthony Sullivan stepped up his game to score 16 for Quincy. Rick was the next high scorer with 12 points and Schwartz scored 10.

Quincy will host Maxwell this Friday at 7:30 p.m.



Portola fell behind against Colusa early in the game Jan. 31. The Tigers made a valiant comeback attempt in the fourth quarter, but weren’t able to catch up, losing 78-70. The loss, coupled with Portola’s loss to Quincy, dropped the Tigers’ record to 6-12 overall and 2-3 in league.

Colusa pulled ahead early in the game. Portola fell behind 26-11 in the first quarter and 49-21 by halftime. Colusa kept on its rampage, outscoring the Tigers 18-9 in the third quarter before Portola shifted into overdrive to score 40 points in the fourth quarter. 

The Tigers will attempt to up their record this Friday on a road game at Williams.



The Chester Volcanoes ended their hot streak of seven wins in a row Jan. 31 with an 82-61 loss to Liberty Christian. The Volcanoes previously lost to Liberty Christian earlier in the season as well.

Three days prior, Jan. 28, Chester dominated the second half of its away game against Hayfork to win 73-52. The one win and one loss put Chester’s overall record at 16-4. In league, the Volcanoes stand 5-2, with losses only to Liberty Christian. 

Chester was steady in its play against Liberty Christian, yet simply couldn’t keep up. Liberty Christian outscored Chester in the first three quarters and was ahead 47-29 at the half.

Liberty Christian is ranked first in the Northern Section Division V by and currently stands second in its division. 

Chester’s win against Hayfork wasn’t an easy one. Hayfork took an early lead and looked like it could take the game. The Volcanoes were behind 18-16 in the first quarter, but managed to keep up to take a 31-29 lead at the half.

Chester shifted into overdrive in the second half and came out hot. The Volcanoes scored 19 points in the third quarter and 23 in the fourth compared to Hayfork’s seven and 16 points.

Wyatt Durkin scored the most for the Volcanoes with 25 points and nabbed an astonishing 18 rebounds. David Estacio scored 17 points for the Volcanoes and went six for six at the free-throw line.

Chester will travel to Mercy this Friday to play. On Feb. 11, the Volcanoes will host Redding Christian. The game starts at 7 p.m.



Greenville suffered two losses last week, which brought its record down to 10-11 overall and 4-2 in league. The Indians lost their road game 69-64 to Loyalton on Jan. 28, and they lost 80-48 to American Christian Academy on Jan. 31 at home.

Greenville’s game against Loyalton was neck and neck the whole time. Two Indians players truly led the team, scoring 52 of the team’s 64 points.

Cooper Kingdon was the team’s high scorer with 30 points. Kingdon sank two three-pointers and made eight of nine free throws. Justus Eaglesmith, a freshman, was the team’s next high scorer with 22 points. Eaglesmith also led in rebounds with 13.

Against American Christian, Eaglesmith was the top scorer with 14 points. Christian Beres killed it at the free-throw line, sinking eight out of 10. Beres scored 12 points in all for the Indians.

Greenville hosts Westwood this Friday at 7 p.m.

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