Plumas County Board of Supervisors news

Debra Moore
Staff Writer

With almost no discussion, the Plumas Board of Supervisors approved District Attorney David Hollister’s plan to streamline his office.

During the board’s Jan. 14 meeting, Hollister asked the supervisors to approve a number of changes that he said would not only make his office more efficient, but save the county $60,000 in payroll costs.

The savings will be partially realized by vacancies in the department that will be refilled with lower level positions that will save $32,000, and the retirement of a long-time deputy district attorney that will result in further savings of $28,000 per year.

After the supervisors unanimously approved the changes, Supervisor Lori Simpson told Hollister, “I’d like to acknowledge you for streamlining your office and saving the county money.”


High Sierra Music Festival contract

The supervisors also approved the new contract for the High Sierra Music Festival with no discussion.

Quincy attorney Peter Hentschel, representing the festival organizers, said, “The contract is very much the same and is working fairly well.”

He added that County Counsel Craig Settlemire had “been instrumental in helping to design the new contract.”

The contract covers the festival through 2018 and includes a $75,000 annual fee to the county.

This year’s music festival is scheduled for July 3 – 6 at the fairgrounds in Quincy.


More than a job

Co-workers crowded the Board of Supervisors chambers to honor colleague Marleen Langrehr for her work with the senior nutrition program.

Supervisor Lori Simpson lauded Langrehr for her work first in Chester and more recently in Quincy.

“She’s beloved by everyone here,” Simpson said. “She really does a wonderful job.”

But it was far more than a job to Langrehr, who often did extra work to ensure that the seniors had a good experience when they came for lunch.

“She makes every occasion so special,” said Public Health Director Mimi Hall, who oversees senior services. “She does stuff after hours and at home.”

Langrehr’s husband also stood to acknowledge his wife, describing her as the most dedicated person to seniors that he knows. “I’m super proud of her,” he said.

When it was her turn to speak, Langrehr described the importance of the senior nutrition program.

“It’s the reason why a lot of people get up in the morning,” she said.

Not only does the program provide a nutritious meal, it’s a place for seniors to socialize.

“It’s a great program,” she said.


Flu hits Plumas

Public Health Director Mimi Hall said that as of Jan. 14, four people had been hospitalized in Plumas County with flu-like symptoms and two actually had the flu.

Though those individuals are recovering, Hall said that there had been flu-related deaths in California.

“It’s here, but it hasn’t peaked yet,” Hall said, adding that usually happens in February.

“Prevention is really important,” Hall said and encouraged everyone who hadn’t yet received a flu shot to get one.

Individuals can call the health department to make an appointment, or contact their own physician to see if the vaccine is available.

The health department conducted flu clinics last fall, and did so again in Quincy and Chester on Jan. 16.

The department has a clinic scheduled for Portola on Jan. 23 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the public health clinic at 171 Nevada St. Call for an appointment. A clinic is scheduled for Feb. 6 in Greenville from 10 a.m. to noon, at the public health clinic at 120 Bidwell St. An appointment is required.


New management leaders

Plumas County department heads and elected officials have a new chairman: Facilities Director Dony Sawchuk. Public Works Director Bob Perreault is the vice chair (he served as chairman last year) and Lynn Sheehy, the county librarian, will serve as secretary of the management council.

Sawchuk told the supervisors that, beginning in February, the management council would make monthly reports to the supervisors.

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