Let the bidding begin: Town of Seneca up for auction

Samantha P. Hawthorne
Staff Writer

Rather than listing the town of Seneca for sale on eBay as they originally planned, the owners decided to hold a lawyer’s auction, which will be conducted via email, snail mail and phone. Bidding opened up Dec. 24 and will close Feb. 15; however, if bidding seems to have reached a cap, the owners will chose a winner early.

To ensure only seriously committed buyers bid, the terms of the auction require every potential buyer to put a $5,000 down payment in a pre-established escrow account prior to placing his or her first bid.

Emails will go out to every bidder whenever a counteroffer is made. Updates will also be available at the town’s newly established website,

Seneca is a registered California corporation, the rights to which are also up for sale.

Anyone interested in bidding should email Jeff Potter at for complete details and a bidding package. Information is also available by calling co-owner Jerry Manpearl or Potter at 310-458-7213 or 517-347-1689, respectively.

“Anyone who bids should be prepared to win … Easy, simple, reliable, no overhead, no fuss.” said Potter.

Link to story about how Seneca went viral on the internet...

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