Kaiser resigns from Grizzly Lake CSD - General Manager quits after one month

Carolyn Shipp
Staff Writer


For the second time in three months, Ian Kaiser resigned from a public managerial job in eastern Plumas County.

Kaiser resigned as general manager of the Grizzly Lake Community Services District last week, after just a month on the job.

In his Dec. 10 resignation letter, Kaiser told the board he quit “due to the continued personality conflicts.”

Kaiser previously resigned as the Portola city manager in September, just three months after he was hired for that job.

In September he faced disciplinary action from the city for personnel-related issues. The action by the City Council resulted in a pay deduction and other sanctions, but Kaiser resigned before any sanctions could be carried out.

Kaiser said he didn’t quit the city job because of sanctions. He said, “I just had to do what was best for me.”

Kaiser was hired by the Grizzly Lake district Nov. 1. At the time, the district board expressed enthusiasm for Kaiser.

“The board saw it as an opportunity,” said Randy Mark, district chief operator, in a previous interview. “This guy (Kaiser) is just so honest. He’s got such a great heart.”

However, the honeymoon was short. Kaiser said some of the issues that led to his resignation from the Portola job “began to infiltrate into the services district.”

“It just became a very difficult working environment. Not with everyone, but it was still difficult,” Kaiser said. “I felt it would be better for the district, and for me, that we separate.”

Kaiser said he felt disrespected and that he was being micromanaged by the district.

“This has all been a learning experience for me,” Kaiser said.

“The amount of talk that goes around the county affected my ability to do my job. If (the Grizzly Lake district board) had a problem with me, they should have sat down and talked about it. … They didn’t.”

The district scheduled a closed session meeting to address Kaiser, similar to the session the Portola City Council conducted a few months earlier. But Kaiser quit before the session with the Grizzly Lake board took place.

“I didn’t want to go through that again,” Kaiser said.

All of the Grizzly Lake board directors were contacted for comment, but Director John Streeter was the only one who spoke on the matter.

“It was just a case where it didn’t fit,” said Streeter. “His resignation was strictly voluntary.”

When asked how the board felt about the loss of Kaiser, Streeter declined to comment.

The district cannot officially accept his letter of resignation, as it was not an agenda item at the Dec. 11 board meeting. There will be a special meeting this evening, during which the board is expected to accept Kaiser’s resignation and officially deem the position vacant.

Kaiser said he was able to accomplish some things in his short time as general manager.

“My No. 1 focus was to get them the finances to mitigate their compliance issues,” Kaiser said. “They have the opportunity now to get some money from the water quality board.”

When asked what he planned to do next, Kaiser said, “I’m exploring different options. I have a family and I need to make a living.”

Kaiser said he plans to submit a Where I Stand column for the Dec. 24 edition of Feather Publishing newspapers.

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