Golf Results for the week of 9/13/2013


  It was a windy day for the Low Net game played on Thursday, Aug. 29, at the West Shore. The ladies managed to keep their hats on their heads and hit the balls where they wanted them to go.

  Old Man Wind didn’t win but Julie Azevedo did. She was the first flight winner with a score of 65. Betty Duncan took second with 70. In the second flight, LACC guest Marsha Spooner, won first with a low net of 66 and Jeanne Locatelli was second with 69.

  Kathy Doms had a chip in birdie on hole three and Jeanne Locatelli had a birdie on hole 12.

  The wind blew even harder on Thursday, Sept. 5, but once again, the LAWWCG ladies ignored the gusts and enjoyed the Low Net and Low Putts game.

  Linda Kluge had the lowest score with a 68 and took first in the first flight. Julie Azevedo took second with a 70.

  The second flight winners were Sharon Auge, first, with a 70 and Carol Regimbal, second, with a 71.

  There weren’t any chip-ins or birdies this game but Linda Kluge won the low putts prize with 27.

  Following the game a meeting was held to choose officers for the 2014 season. Serving as captain will be Lori Sinclair; Adrienne Fagalde, secretary; Arlene Cary, treasurer; Sharon Auge, Handicap/PWGA; and Tournament Chair, Karen Tratt.

Mt. Huff Scores Aug. 29

  What a great Thursday evening scramble at Mt. Huff on Aug. 29.

  In first place at six under par was the team of Greg Stevens, Don Sheffield, Amanda Sheffield and Bill McRoberts.

  In second place at five under par were team members Dick Dalton, Joe Pogue, Todd Johns, and Todd Posch.

  Closest to the pin honor was taken by John Bowen and the long drive was won by Margie Joseph.

Graeagle Men’s Golf Club

Graeagle vs. Plumas Pines

  The annual duel between the Graeagle Men’s Golf Club (GMGC) and the Plumas Pines Men’s Golf Club (PPMGC), known as the Golden Tomahawk Tournament, was held on Wednesday, Aug. 29, at Graeagle Meadows Golf Course, and on Thursday, Aug. 30, at Plumas Pines Golf Course. The winning team takes home a plaque which is adorned with a Golden Tomahawk. The trophy then resides in the pro shop of the winning team’s golf course for one year.

  The format for the event is individual and team matches. In each foursome, there is a match between one member from GMGC and one member from PPMGC. There are three points available in each match: one for the first nine holes, one for the second nine holes, and one point for the eighteen holes. In addition, the better ball of the two members from each club are contesting a match against the better ball of the two members of the other club, with the same allocation of points, one each for front, back and eighteen. There were eighteen individual, and nine team matches. All play is from the white tees.

  In 2011, PPMGC won the trophy, and in 2012, there was a tie, 121 to 121 points. Therefore, the PPMGC has had the trophy for the past two years. All that changed this year. The first day, PPMGC led 54-1/2 to GMGC’s 53-1/2. On the second day, GMGC scored 57 points to 51 for PPMGC. The GMGC won the tournament with a score of 110.5 to 105.5, a very close match that came down to the very last match on the course. The GMGC team in the last match won six points to three points for PPMGC, to seal the victory.

  Although the matches are competitive, but they are friendly, since many of the members of each club also belong to, the other club, and play together regularly. A player may play for one Club one year and the other Club the next year. Congratulations to the Graeagle Men’s Golf Club!

Graeagle Meadows

Women’s Golf News

  On Wednesday, Aug. 28, Graeagle Meadows Golf Course hosted an open women’s golf day. Women golfers in the area were invited to play a casual round of golf at a special discount price, followed by "cheers and beers" in the clubhouse, with chips and dip provided by Graeagle Meadows. A very good time was had by the 28 participants, and the weather and course conditions were excellent.

  On Thursday, Aug. 29, under sunny and relatively smoke-free skies, the Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club held its August Ace of Aces Qualifier, in which the low gross and low net winners over the field (who have not previously qualified this year) qualify to participate in the Ace of Aces Playoff the last Thursday in September. All play was from the red tees. And, the winners were: Low Gross over the field, Dee Walker with a score of 97; Low Net over the field was a tie among Lorraine Cornish, Renee Miller and Diane Trainor, each with a net score of 69.

  In addition, one low gross and three low net places were paid in each of the three flights. The First Flight winners were: Low Gross, Karen Linde (91); 1st Low Net, Gail Nelson (69); 2nd Low Net, Cheryl Brennan (70); and 3rd Low Net, Cathy Churchill (72). Second Flight winners were: Low Gross, Diane Trainor (100); 1st Low Net, Renee Miller (69); 2nd Low Net, Carla Gibson (72); 3rd Low Net was a tie among Linda Bilger, Lois Childress, Barb Crist, Ann Pratt and Dink Rife. Third Flight Winners were: Low Gross, Dee Walker (97); 1st Low Net, Lorraine Cornish (69); 2nd Low Net, Karen Fraser (72); 3rd Low Net, Giuliana Glazer (74).

  An amazing seven chip-ins were carded by the following players: Carol Miller (2), and Cheryl Brennan, Barb Crist, Karen Fraser, Giuliana Glazer and Sue Taylor with one each.

Whitehawk Ranch Ladies Golf Results

  Under billowing white clouds, the ladies at Whitehawk played 4score (only scores on the par 4 counted) plus the last Ace of Aces qualifier.

  JoAnn West won first place, Diane Romig 2nd; Lynn Smith 3rd; and Patty McNamara 4th. The Low Gross Ace of Aces winner was Patty McNamara and Diane Romig won Low Net. Our final competition will be next Thursday to determine the overall Low Gross winner and Low Net winner. Good luck to all participating.

Lake Almanor CC - Women’s Golf

  On Aug. 27, the game of the day was Aces High. Players subtracted all one-putts from their net score. In the first flight, first place went to Jude Morse; second place to Carol Fara. Sue Hudson and Darlene Donaldson tied for third place.

  Lee Hunter took first place in the second flight, followed by Joan D’Angelo in second place. Toddy Cutler, Marcia Spooner and Madeleine Protsman tied for third place.

  The finals of Match Play were played this day. Joan Johnson and Karen Schmidt are the 2013 Match Play champions. Finishing in second place were Sandy Feeney and Sue Sutton.

  On Sept. 3, 30 players competed in a modified Chapman game. There were 2-player teams. All drive; hit each other’s drive; then choose best ball and alternate shots into the hole. In the first flight, there was a two-way tie for first place between the teams of Mary Craig and Carol Griswold, and Jessie King and Jean Rolls. Both teams had 98. Madeline Furman and Peggy Lentz came in third with a 99.

  In the second flight, first place went to Joan Johnson and Barbara Marquardt with a score of 96. Tied for second place, with 103, were Kathy Roseler and Collette Prentke, and Lee Hunter and Meschelle Righero.

  Congratulations to all our winners.

Plumas Pines Women’s

Club Champions

  In a grueling three -day tournament, competitors from the Plumas Pines Women’s Golf Club played in the 2013 Club and Handicap Championships. This year, both tournaments were played simultaneously, on Aug. 13 – 14 and Aug. 20. The Club Championship is total LOW GROSS over the three days and the Handicap Championship is total LOW NET over the three days. Winning the 2013 Club Championship was Renee Walker, and winning the 2013 Handicap Championship was Mary Stonebraker, both who played stellar golf over all three days. Congratulations Renee and Mary!

Mt. Huff Golf Scores Sept. 4

  Foggy bottom morning on Wednesday, Sept. 4, for the Mt. Huff Scramble, but it burned off quickly and gave us a beautiful day for golf.

  In first place at nine under par were team members Bill McRoberts, Don Sheffield, Ron Christensen, and Dick Grace.

  In second place at seven under par was the team of Loren Lindner, Darel Joseph, Mike Ingle and Ralph Cote.

  There was no chip-in contest. Closest to the pin went to Ron Christensen.

  Thursday, Sept. 5, Evening Scramble kicked off to a brisk breeze and cooling temperatures.

  In first place, team members Todd Posch, Todd Johns, Joe Pogue and Paul Egan scored six under par.

  In second place at two under par was the team of Jeff Stevens, Frank Neth, Don Sheffield and Amanda Sheffield.

  Long drive was hit by Jim Bryant and Todd Posch scored closest to the pin.

Graeagle Men’s

Wednesday Play Day

  The regular Graeagle Meadows Men’s Wednesday Play Day saw a small turnout. Many other golf activities were going on and many members were golfed out. As a result, there was only a Combo Tee Flight and not a White Tee Flight. The format for the competition was Odd & Even two man teams. The winners were Tom Fregulia and Jack Cornish with a net score of 65. Second place was won by Jim Brennan and Jim Oster with a net score of 69. And, third place was won by Bob McIlroy and John Grasso with a net score of 71. In addition, there were eight skins won. Jim Oster won three skins, while Jack Cornish and Tom Gosset each won two skins. Tom Fregulia won a single skin. The next Wednesday play day will be on Sept. 18, since the two-round Graeagle Men’s Club Championship will be held on Monday, Sept. 9 and Wednesday, Sept. 11.

To have your golf results and club news included in this weekly section, email the information to by Friday at 3 p.m.

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