Tax collector says Dyer Mountain taxes will be collected

Sam Williams

  The recently approved sale in federal bankruptcy court of the Dyer Mountain property should not affect the county’s ability to collect the failed four-season resort’s past due $3.3 million tax bill.

  Lassen County Treasurer/Tax Collector Richard Egan said, “We haven’t been paid the taxes, and we haven’t seen the documentation of the sale.”

  But according to Egan, the property taxes, penalties and interest owed to the county should be the first debt to be paid as part of the bankruptcy process.

  Egan said the county has already paid the state, schools and special districts their share of the unpaid taxes through the county’s Tax Resources Fund. In exchange for those advanced payments — made as if the taxes had been paid — the county is able to keep all the penalties and interest from the past due tax debt. Egan said the amount of the interest and penalties is about $1 million, and that money should be immediately available to the county once it’s paid.

  The past due property taxes — about $2.3 million — make up the remainder of the past due tax debt.

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