No earthquake damage found to Canyon Dam tunnel

Feather Publishing

No damage was found on a recent inspection of the water tower and tunnel at Canyon Dam, according to Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

  PG&E reported water levels in Lake Almanor are typical for this kind of water year and in no way are lake levels lower due to earthquakes in April.

    Immediately after the Canyon Dam earthquake and aftershocks, PG&E performed inspections of hydroelectric facilities and no damage was identified by visual and monitoring equipment. Out of an abundance of caution, PG&E dewatered the tower outlet and tunnel at Canyon Dam in July so they could be inspected more thoroughly. During this time, water pumps and hoses were used to continue flows into the North Fork Feather River and lake levels remained unchanged as the pumped water was equal to normal outflows through the tower and tunnel.

    Lake Almanor’s level will continue to slowly drop as is typical this time of year until the rainy season when inflows into the lake increase. The lake is currently at an elevation of 4,483 and is expected to reach about 4,480 feet by the end of September.

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