PG&E preparing to inspect Canyon Dam water tunnels

Feather Publishing

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is preparing to drain and inspect the water outlet tower and tunnel at Canyon Dam on Lake Almanor. The public may notice workers and equipment at the site through July 26. This work will not affect water levels in Lake Almanor as outflows into the North Fork of the Feather River will remain unchanged.

Immediately after the May 23 earthquake, PG&E inspected hydroelectric facilities and even continued to perform foot and air patrols for more than a week. Although the earthquake caused no visible or detectable issues according to PG&E instrumentation, PG&E is inspecting the intake tower and discharge tunnel at Canyon Dam as a precaution.

PG&E is draining the tower and 1,354-foot tunnel that carries water from the outlet tower on Lake Almanor to the North Fork Feather River. PG&E’s contactor will use a barge and floatation devices at the outlet tower near Canyon Dam to perform the inspection work.

Water pumps were placed by helicopter on the spillway to pump from the lake so water can continue flowing to the river. Divers will inspect the outside of the tower.

The pumps will draw water at a similar depth to the tower gates so outflows into the river will be of the same temperature as is normal for this time of year. A helicopter will remove the pumps as the contractor demobilizes.

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