Caltrans to repave Quincy at night

Seeks to minimize impact on businesses

Debra Moore
Staff Writer
CalTransCaltrans’ plan to repave and resurface approximately 9 miles of Highway 70/89 from Keddie to the Massack rest area east of Quincy has been delayed.

The project, which was scheduled to begin following the Fourth of July holiday weekend, will now begin after the county fair concludes Aug. 19. 

Caltrans resident engineer Ron Collins told the Plumas County supervisors during their June 11 meeting that work would last through mid to late September.

Originally, the project called for microsurfacing the entire expanse, but Collins lobbied for repaving in downtown Quincy.

“An overlay provides a nicer ride,” Collins told supervisors. 

To accommodate local businesses, the downtown corridor from Union 76 to the Safeway shopping center will be repaved at night. 

Collins said that crews will work from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. on Main and Lawrence streets, working on one lane at a time to allow some access. 

Collins anticipates that the downtown portion will be completed toward the project’s end, and crews will begin by microsurfacing the other areas.

“Microsurfacing is new; it’s cheaper,” Collins said and described it as high-durability aggregate mixed with catalysts. 

“We will probably start on the west side,” Collins said, explaining that since it’s a new product, he wants to minimize disruption to motorists.

Work will begin by repairing all failed sections of roadway.

Collins said that the downtown section of road is “structurally sound” and the repaving should “keep it alive for another four or five years.”

The project was delayed because Caltrans’ first and second low bidders were disqualified. The third low bidder is Hat Creek Construction out of Burney.  


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