Special school board meeting set for Thursday

  Plumas Unified School District announced a special board meeting, Thursday night at 5 p.m. at Pioneer-Quincy Elementary School.

  The public is invited to attend the meeting, which was announced by the board Tuesday. The meeting will provide community members a forum to discuss the board’s decision to not renew Quincy High School Principal Sue Segura’s contract for next year.

  Superintendent Micheline Miglis said the agenda would be posted 24 hours in advance, per the Brown Act for Special Board Meetings.

  Quincy High School students staged a “sick out” on Tuesday, March 12, to protest the non-renewal of their principal’s contract.

  Since the community learned of Segura’s termination Friday, March 8, a plethora of letters, emails and comments have been submitted to Feather Publishing and regarding the non-reelect action taken by the school board during closed session March 7.

  Miglis said she wanted to thank members of the community, parents and students for meeting with her. She said she has spent many hours in meetings with concerned citizens and continues to do so.

  Miglis said she is looking forward to meeting with the associated student body leadership team this week.

  She said she is trying to do due diligence and answer all phone messages and emails.

  On March 13, Miglis gave a response to the public outcry over the board’s action not to rehire Segura.

  “We honor confidentiality; personnel matters are personnel matters,” Miglis said. “Our hope is that our community focus on how we support our students during times when decisions are made that we may or may not agree with.

  “We’re paying attention. We give very serious attention to all of this, all of the certificated teacher reductions.”

  Miglis praised the board members. She said they are very intelligent, very competent, and make decisions only after much careful deliberation.

  The board members represent many different factions of our community, she said. They are individual business owners, parents, forest service employees, lawyers, and are dedicated to serving their community.

  Miglis said she and the board members do not take their decisions lightly. She said they take time to evaluate every decision carefully, for the health of the community, the students and the schools.

  Miglis said she is not at liberty to discuss personnel matters, which are confidential per education code and district policy.

  “Whatever does happen from here on out,” Miglis said, “it won’t be hasty.”

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