Quincy volleyball team takes Portola and Williams

James Wilson
QHS volleyball
The seniors on Quincy High School’s volleyball team are all smiles as they celebrate “senior night” during their Oct. 29 game against Portola. The seniors pictured, from left to right, are Shayla Sennett, Kristin Wright, Madison Hokanson, Elaina Amodei, Tori Beeson and Maya IronFox. Photo courtesy Irene Amodei
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  Quincy’s volleyball team celebrated seniors at their last home game of the season Oct. 30. The Trojans hosted Portola, and beat the Tigers in four games. Seniors on the team were given special recognition.

  Quincy has six seniors on this year’s team: Shayla Sennett, Kristin Wright, Madison Hokanson, Elaina Amodei, Tori Beeson and Maya IronFox.

  In recognition of family support, all the senior players’ families were introduced to the crowd and all the mothers received roses.

  Quincy maintained its excitement from the ceremony and pulled off a victory against Portola. Portola beat Quincy in a five-game match last time the teams played.

  Portola won the first game 25-19. Quincy stepped up and won the second game 25-23. Portola played hard, but Quincy squeaked out wins in the last two games: 25-20 and 25-19.

  Quincy continued its winning streak through Thursday, Nov. 1, and beat Williams in three games, 25-19, 25-16 and 25-16.

  Beeson led the Trojans with five kills and five aces. Sennet executed six kills during the match. IronFox led the defense with 14 digs.

  “I think we had an overall great season,” said Quincy’s coach, Curt Beeson. “I’m especially happy with the way we are now, going into playoffs.”


Colusa 3, Portola 1

  The Tigers played their final game of the regular season Nov. 1 in Portola. The Tigers hosted Colusa and lost in four games.

  Though Colusa won, its victory over the Tigers was not easy. Portola was soundly defeated in an Oct. 11 match against Colusa.

  “Colusa was definitely surprised by what a different team we were,” said Portola’s coach, Karen Kibble.

  Portola won the first game 25-23. The second game was even more evenly matched, but Colusa eventually won 26-24. Colusa took the third game 25-23 and finished Portola off 25-17 in the fourth game.

  The last time Portola and Colusa played, Kaitlin Boyd was gone and Sandra Kibble was injured. Portola was forced to play with a six-girl team. This last go-around, the Tigers had all eight players and showed Colusa what they were capable of.

  Boyd did a fantastic job blocking. Sandra Kibble led the team in serves with a total of 10 aces.

  “The game was a lot of fun for the fans with such close competition,” said Karen Kibble. “We did very well, but unfortunately had too many digging errors.”



  Greenville continued its winning streak last week with victories over Downieville and Herlong. This marked the fifth match in a row Greenville won.

  Greenville hosted Downieville on Oct. 29 and prevailed in three games. The following day the Indians traveled to Herlong and won the match in the fourth game.

  Greenville ended its regular season with an impressive 17-6 overall record. The Indians similarly performed well in league play with a 6-2 record.

  Though Greenville has a higher conference standing than any other team in the Pioneer Mountain League, it is ranked second in the league behind Westwood. The two league games Greenville lost were to Westwood.

  “We performed extremely well this year for a school our size,” said Greenville’s coach, Dan Brown. “We started out very competitive and continued that through the season.”



  Chester faced two teams last week to end its regular season. Chester played Liberty Christian on Oct. 29 and Hayfork on Nov. 1.

  In a four-game match, Chester lost to Liberty Christian. Chester started out strong and won the first game 25-21. The Volcanoes lost their momentum, however, and were defeated 25-11 the second game. Liberty Christian stayed on top of its game and beat Chester the last two games 25-22 and 25-19.

  Chester traveled to Hayfork on Nov. 1 and lost in a five-game match. The Volcanoes played a tough match, winning the first game 25-18.

  Hayfork came back and won the second and third games 25-19 and 25-21. Chester regained its composure and won the fourth game 26-24 to tie up the wins. Hayfork finished Chester off 15-6.

  Chester’s team had its fair share of problems this season. Several players were injured and several moved away. The Volcanoes started the season with 14 players on the varsity team. That number dwindled to seven by last week’s game.

  Despite their limited team, several of the Volcanoes’ players shined bright last week. During the game against Hayfork, Bailey Smith served eight aces and made 10 digs. Junior Jessica Brown made 13 kills. Due to limited players, Chester’s libero Alex Pacheco played the front row for a good portion of the match. Pacheco made several kills and served eight aces.

  “We only twice had the same people play the same position the entire season,” said Chester’s coach, Marci Johnson, explaining the difficulty the team had during the season. “Despite that, our team kept getting stronger. They battled all the way through, though it was a tough year.”



  For updates on playoffs, go to and see “Local Sports Updates” under the sports tab.

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