Chester turns over perfect record

James Wilson

Chester’s Thomas Kelly attempts to strip the ball from one of Maxwell’s players last Friday, Oct. 12. Photo by James Wilso

Sports Reporter

  In a game riddled with turnovers Friday, Oct. 12, Chester lost its first game of the season, 27-22, to the Maxwell Panthers.

  Chester suffered seven turnovers during the game as it fell to 6-1 for the season.

  “You cannot overcome seven turnovers against good teams,” commented Chester’s coach, Terry Hernandez.

  After the homecoming ceremony ended, the two teams took to a rather slippery field. Chester kicked off to Maxwell who carried the ball for one set of downs.

  Chester received the punt and mounted a drive. But Maxwell intercepted a pass and quickly gained the advantage by scoring a touchdown.

  Chester retaliated by driving the ball to Maxwell’s territory. Colin Houlihan ran the ball into the end zone from Maxwell’s 5-yard line to even the score 7-7 at the end of the first quarter.

  About four minutes into the second quarter, Maxwell scored and made the extra point to take a 14-7 lead.

  Both teams attempted drives for the next seven minutes with no results.

  With one minute remaining in the half, Houlihan once again scored on a 30-yard rushing touchdown. Hunter Morris then completed a pass to Thomas Kelly for a two-point conversion.

  Maxwell scurried to put points on the board. With under a minute to go, Maxwell pushed their way up the field. Finally, with no time left on the clock, Maxwell completed a pass in the end zone for a touchdown. The extra point was no good and the half ended with Maxwell in the lead 20-15.

  Both teams came out fighting in the third quarter. Defensive teams were on top of their game and neither team scored.

  The fourth quarter stretched out, filled with anticipation. Behind by five, Chester’s players knew they had to perform their best. Both teams spent the majority of the fourth quarter trading balls.

  With less than four minutes on the clock, Maxwell ran the ball in and made the extra point to take a 12-point lead.

  The Chester Volcanoes wasted no time, and one minute later found themselves in Maxwell’s end zone. After a successful drive dependant mainly on passing, Morris passed the ball to Houlihan for a 50-yard completion and six more points on the board for Chester. Chester’s extra point was good, leaving them only five points behind.

  Chester successfully completed an onside kick to retain possession. With three minutes still remaining and down at the 45-yard line, it looked like Chester might come back.

  Maxwell intercepted the ball. There was too much time left to simply run the clock down, though, so Maxwell played a set of downs. After three plays Maxwell punted.

  With less then two minutes remaining, Chester started driving the ball. Chester made it about 30 yards until Maxwell intercepted the ball with one minute remaining. Maxwell sat on the ball and let the time run out for the win.

  “We need to get back to basics and improve on defense or we will not obtain the goals we have set as a team,” said Hernandez.

  Chester is scheduled to host Los Molinos on Friday, Oct. 19. The junior varsity team plays at 5:30 p.m. and the varsity at 7:30 p.m.


Quincy 20, East Nicolaus 8

  Quincy scored its first victory of the season against the East Nicolaus Spartans at the Feather River College football field Oct. 12.

  The Spartans were first to hold possession, but couldn’t get past Quincy’s defense. East Nicolaus handed the ball over to the Trojans who quickly made their way towards the Spartan end zone. Quincy’s Keston Pilgrim ran the ball five yards for the touchdown. The two-point conversion was unsuccessful.

  Quincy’s lead did not last long, however, as East Nicolaus retaliated with a 48-yard pass completion for a touchdown. The Spartans rushed for the two-point conversion to put them ahead 8-6 at the start of the second quarter.

  The second and third quarters were mainly defensive games; neither team scored.

  “Our defense stepped up and played their best all year,” said offensive coordinator Tom Goss. “They really controlled the ball the whole game.”

  In the final quarter Matt Beeson passed to Tristin Ray for a Trojan touchdown. Tyler Lacey ran in the two-point conversion to put Quincy up 14-8.

  East Nicolaus tried to fire back but couldn’t compete with Quincy’s defense. At the end of the game, Quincy’s Jerry Oglesby recovered a fumble and ran the ball in for Quincy’s final touchdown.

  Quincy travels to Colusa on Friday, Oct. 19, with a 1-5 record. Colusa is currently 3-4.


Greenville 54, Herlong 8

With a complete stomp of Herlong last Saturday, Oct. 13, Greenville’s football team bumped their record up to 5-2 this season. Greenville has yet to lose a single league game.

  Greenville’s offense dominated the game. The Indians’ arsenal was vast and they utilized all their weapons.

  Cooper Kingdon ran in two touchdowns. Tony Rogers and James Martinez likewise scored two touchdowns each. Sam Johnson scored one.

  Greenville’s defense was on top of their game as well. Andrew Fairbanks and Dominic Potts both recovered fumbles. Martinez, Jacob Henry and Christian Beres all intercepted the ball.

  “I’m really proud of this team,” said Greenville’s coach, Justin Allan. “They came out with a positive attitude and we’ve had a great season so far.”

Greenville plays its homecoming game against the Princeton Eagles this Friday night at the Greenville football field at 6 p.m.

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