Counterfeit money discovered in Quincy, Cromberg

  Plumas County merchants are warned to be on the lookout for fake money after as many as four counterfeit bills were reportedly discovered this week.

  The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office said Plumas Bank reported receiving bogus bills on Tuesday, Aug. 18.

  Sheriff’s detective Steve Peay said all three of the fake bills reported by the bank were used in Quincy.

  When counterfeit money is spread through a community, it is often the same denomination. However, in this case, the bills were all different.

  Plumas Bank spokesperson Elizabeth Kuipers said Thursday that three customers each brought in one fake bill to the branch. She said there was a $100, $50 and $20 bill.

  Kuipers said the bank is equipped with a special machine and pens used to detect counterfeit currency.

  According to a Thursday afternoon email by the Eastern Plumas Chamber of Commerce to its members, a fake $10 bill was discovered Monday by a Cromberg merchant. The email described the fake bill as “a good-looking one.”

  “This is under investigation,” Peay said. “But in the mean time, we urge all merchants to be cautious when taking money.”

  Kuipers said anyone who suspects they have a counterfeit bill should take it to a bank.

  She said Plumas Bank forwards suspicious bills to the U.S. Secret Service.

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