Constituents shocked at general manager’s comments

Laura Beaton
Staff Writer

Tempers were hot at the East Quincy Services District (EQSD) regular board meeting Sept. 12.

Audience members said they were shocked to read general manager David Edwards’ statement in his memo to board members regarding the need for EQSD (as well as Quincy Community Services District) to find a solution for American Valley’s sewage problems.

Edwards proposed continuing to explore options for treatment plants, including a trip to Vancouver, Wash., to look at several plants that might work well for EQSD.

The last line of Edwards’ memo read, “I would like to be able to break ground next spring (for a new treatment plant).”

Sierra Park developer Les Ellis vociferously expressed his opposition to Edwards’ statement.

Ellis apparently understood that Edwards was ready to ignore existing plans to proceed with a feasibility study for building a wastewater treatment plant in American Valley.

A heated argument ensued until director Ernie Eaton told Ellis, “Enough! It’s not a done deal.”

EQSD engineer Dan Bastian reviewed the step-by-step process for a proposed feasibility study. The study is expected to help determine if a new sewage plant is needed.

EQSD and Quincy Community Service District (QCSD) were recently notified of a joint $10,000 grant award to fund an income study of American Valley residents.

If that study proves sufficiently low income levels, then the next step of the plan could be taken.

However, a lot has changed since the grant was applied for.

The American Valley Community Services District, which formed when EQSD and QCSD planned to merge, dissolved about a year ago when the two districts failed to have a meeting of the minds.

A subcommittee of the American Valley Community Services Authority (AVCSA), the AVCSD governing board, has been working to revise  the bylaws, which are no longer representative of the AVCSA.

That committee, comprised of two directors from each board, contacted county counsel Craig Settlemire requesting “legal guidance in the proper procedures necessary to not only dissolve the joint powers but to also fashion new resolutions.”

Once Settlemire responds, the AVCSA committee will schedule a meeting and go from there.

In other matters, Edwards recommended buying a used economical vehicle to use whenever possible instead of either of the two existing vehicles, which get 10 – 14 miles per gallon.

He noted exorbitant fuel costs in 2012, and in addition to purchasing an economical vehicle, he has mandated that employees record their mileage whenever using district vehicles.

Edwards reported that a major leak was found and repaired on an unoccupied property near PAWS on highway 70.

EQSD was notified of the leak by a local contractor who discovered a “swamp” on the lot after being hired to clean up the place.

Regular board meetings take place the second Tuesday of the month. Visit the website at to learn more.

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