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State asks Supreme Court for depublication in mining case

Brandon Rinehart is a Plumas County gold miner engaged in legal battles with the state of California over suction dredging laws. He and his father were cited for illegal dredging in 2012 on their “Nugget Alley” claim. Photos submitted
Miriam S. Cody
Staff Writer

In September, Brandon Rinehart won his appeal against a 2012 ruling that he used vacuum and suction dredge equipment for gold mining without a permit in Plumas County.

Rinehart claimed federal law prevailed and gave him the right to mine his federal mining claim despite the California moratorium on dredging.

His conviction for dredging without a permit was reversed in September. The matter was remanded to a trial court for further proceedings on the issue of federal pre-emption.

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Fire consolidation committee expands

Miriam S. Cody
Staff Writer

Three more representatives were chosen for the Indian Valley committee responsible for overseeing a possible consolidation of two local districts.

The Indian Valley and Crescent Mills fire protection districts are working with the Local Agency Formation Commission to decide if merging to become one district under a sphere of influence would benefit the community.

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Rescuers receive special training

A haul team works to leverage a pulley system to raise rescuers and a “victim” up the hill. From left: Marcia Giller, Bucks Lake Fire Department; David Schmid, Rebecca Steen and Jim Mann, of Quincy fire; and Melinda Heard, of Graeagle Fire. Photos by Tom Forster
Debra Moore
Staff Writer
Plumas County’s mountainous terrain often requires emergency personnel to scale mountainsides to rescue people who have gone over the edge of the roadway.  
Now a dozen more first responders are certified to hoist them to safety. The volunteers dedicated the equivalent of three days to participate in a low-angle rescue operations course.
Over the course of four hours on two consecutive Friday nights and 16 hours over a weekend (Nov. 15 – 16), 12 individuals gathered in Quincy to receive the training offered by Quincy Fire Chief Robbie Cassou.

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Man accused of murdering Greenville woman

Lauren Lindskog Allen
Dan McDonald
Managing Editor
12/3/2014 - Update

A Plumas County man was arrested just after midnight Tuesday on a charge of murder in the death of 51-year-old Greenville resident Lauren Lindskog Allen.

William Leo Altes III was arrested at a rest stop on Interstate 5 near Willows. Altes, 44, is a longtime county resident who has moved frequently and reportedly lived in his car at various times.

He was arrested following a short manhunt just hours after Allen was found dead.

Read more: Man accused of murdering Greenville woman

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Railroad crossing at Round Valley Road to close for two days

Feather Publishing

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway inspectors have identified a track condition that requires crews to realign a curve in Greenville as soon as possible. The crossing at Round Valley Road will be closed temporarily. The crossing will be removed Dec. 3 and returned to service late in the afternoon on Dec. 4.
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